Welcome to the Stenecourt Synagogue community website.  We are a vibrant Jewish community based in North Manchester. 

We are in the middle of preparing a new website, so we apologise if this current website is not as up to date as we would like it to be.  But you can see what is going on here on our home page, and our weekly timetable can be found if you click HERE

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Netzach /Stenecourt Kehilla daily online Kitzur shiur
Facilitated by Netzach
Please join us each night for a short online Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Shiur.
Every night, someone else will present a few 'seifim',
translating the text into simple English.
Simply click onto www.stenecourt.com/kitzur
(and follow instructions) to watch the Shiur.
Each Shiur will be given Sun - Thurs at 9pm prompt. Miss a Shiur? Not a problem! Watch at your leisure. Archives are on the page, too.
For more details email netzach@stenecourt.com


SOS Boxes
If anyone has a blue SOS box at home,
could they please bring it into the office to be emptied.

Monday Club
The Monday Club is now in recess for the holidays. The restart date will be announced in due course.

 Announcements for the Newsletter
If you have a Mazeltov or announcement for the newsletter, please ensure that it reaches the office by Wednesday in order to be included on that week’s issue.

If you are aware of someone who is unwell,
please contact the Shul office or Rabbi Benjy.

For the younger members of Stenecourt
We currently have a Youth Minyan, Stenegirls, a children's service, an "inbetweenies" service and a mother and toddler group regularly on Shabbat. Come and join the fun. Click here to find out more

Shabbos Hospitality
If you are aware of anybody in Shul who will benefit from company over Shabbos, please allow us the opportunity to offer Shabbos hospitality by contacting Rabbi Benjy or any member of the Executive.

watch this space for more details


17th October - Q&A Kiddush with Special Guest
Vice President of the Board of Deputies.

Sunday 18th October - Music & Arts Group

Friday 23/Shabbat 24 October Shabbat UK

Monday 9th November - Music Evening for Ladies. “Music to Pull the Harpstrings”
Music evening with Eleanor Hudson from Cheethams School of Music

Shabbat 11th November - AJEX Shabbat

Sunday 22nd November Music & Arts Group – String Quartet Concert


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Call to Achdut serman
"Building together"







Sat, 28/11/15 | 16 Kislev 5776

 Shabbat Vayishlach

Shabbat comes in at: 15:42 pm

Shabbat terminates at: 16:53   pm

Candle lighting is between
  15:08 pm and 15:42 pm


Latest news

Ksiva v Chasima Tova

 Wishing everyone

Ksiva v Chasima Tova

Shana tova U Metuka

Table Talk - Rabbi Rubenstein

TABLE TALK - Parshayot Nitzavim-Vayelech 5770

I hope the ideas contained below, will provide you with some topics for discussion, at your Shabbos table.

Weekly Halocha - Rabbi Simmonds


1. If you are using your garden on Shabbos ,and want to carry out food furniture toys from the house etc, you must make sure the garden is properly enclosed. Just because it is a private garden does not mean that it is Halachically a “private area” “RESHUS HAYOCHID”. If you are not sure seek competent advice on the issue

2. Climbing up/ on trees or use of a tree house is not permitted on Shabbos.

3. Take care when carrying drinks not to spill any on the soil or grass.